Katie Kesse

Hello my name is Kathleen Kesse. I have been formally trained in Photography at Antonelli College in Cincinnati Ohio. My passion for Photography coincides with my passion for traveling so I combined the two together and my life becomes an adventure. I love the outdoors and so my interests are landscapes, wildlife, flowers, underwater life, and all types of nature. The mediums I’m the most passionate about are black and white images, Holga Photography, underwater scenes, and wildlife. Please spend some time in our galleries and share in our adventures and I look forward to working with you soon.

Ed Kesse

Hello my name is Ed Kesse. I became interested in Photography a few years ago when I met my wife Katie. I enjoy traveling with her and capturing our adventures with what has become my passion, 4×5 Photography. The 4×5 camera captures amazing details and color that you just can’t get with any other camera. Though it takes alot of time and patience to get it right, I find the hard work and challenge well worth it. When you look at the 4×5 color negatives and see the detail and the amazing 3-D element it has, it truely becomes addicting. The subject matter I enjoy the most is Architecture, Buildings, Bridges, Sculptures, and Lighthouses. Please check out my 4×5 images in our gallery and I hope you enjoy.

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